Friday, March 28, 2008

Images: X-Flies 2

Images and the teaser poster for the as-yet untitled X-Files 2 film, coming this July.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Victoria: Impact

I'm currently trying to gather more information for you about a mini-series that is set to start shooting in Victoria late next month. Right now all I know is that it's called Impact, and its a ten part mini-series, shooting from April 28 to July 14.

Poster: more Speed Racer

Friday, March 21, 2008

Posters: Speed Racer

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First GI Joe images

Paramount Pictures has released the first two photos of Ray Park in full garb as Snake Eyes in the Stephen Sommers - directed film G.I. Joe, based on the Hasbro toy line.

Sommers tells USA Today that the character "is the world's greatest ninja, but he's also next-generation. He's not afraid to use a sword one second, and a split-second later he's pulling out his Glock. His chief nemesis is arguably the world's other great ninja, Storm Shadow. The two grew up together, were blood brothers and now are mortal enemies."

The film is an origin story and Sommers says he plans to explain various strange aspects - from Destro's metal mask to Snake Eyes' lack of speech.

Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Said Taghmaoui, Marlon Wayans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arnold Vosloo and Christopher Eccleston all star in the film opening August 7th 2009.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New series

The trio behind FX's over-the-top comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are producing Boldly Going Nowhere, a single-camera comedy about the day-to-day operations of a spaceship in deep space. Sort of sounds like a US take on the British comedy classic Red Dwarf.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

RIP: Arthur C. Clarke

COLOMBO, March 19 (Reuters) - Pioneering science fiction writer and visionary Sir Arthur C. Clarke, best known for his novel, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and his towering influence on the genre, has died in Sri Lanka at 90 years of age.

"He has passed away. He had a cardio-respiratory attack," said Rohan de Silva, his personal secretary.

British-born Clarke wrote more than 80 books and hundreds of short stories and articles during a career that spanned some seven decades.

In the 1940s Clarke predicted that man would reach the moon by the year 2000, an idea that experts dismissed as nonsense.

When Neil Armstrong landed in 1969, the United States said Clarke "provided the essential intellectual drive that led us to the moon."

On his 90th birthday in December 2007, the wheelchair-bound Clarke recorded a farewell message to his friends, saying in part that he would have liked to see evidence of extraterrestrial life during his lifetime.

Clarke was born into an English farming family in Somerset, England on Dec 16, 1917. In the 1930s he pursued an interest in space sciences by joining the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) and began to write science fiction. In World War Two, Clarke served in the Royal Air Force and worked with experimental radar systems. The experience would later inspire his only non-science fiction novel, Glide Path.

In 1945, Clarke published a landmark technical paper setting out the principles of communication using satellites in geostationary orbits -- a speculative technology realized 25 years later. His work won him several awards and today, the geostationary orbit at 36,000 km (22,370 miles) above the equator is named The Clarke Orbit by the International Astronomical Union.

After the war he became the president of the BIS from 1947-50 and again in 1953.

Clarke first visited Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon, in December 1954 and moved to the country soon after. He spent most of the rest of his life there.

Wikipedia has a great list of the works of the now late Arthur Charles Clark.

Lucas talks Live TV

From Dark Horizons:
Lucas confirms that he's just starting to work on the scripts for the project as Clone Wars has been, and still is, heavily occupying him - "We finished the first year of Clone Wars, [and] we're in the middle of working on the second year. I'm finishing the scripts for the third year. And now I'm working on the scripts for the first year of the live-action show."

Because he's financing it, he has the luxury of running the show how he wants - this includes penning and finishing up the scripts for a whole season worth of shows before they get to filming them. This allows him a lot of forward planning - "I've got it pegged out for 100 episodes, and I know exactly what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it and what the risks are."

Whilst it doesn't focus on any of the characters from the films - "Some of the characters from the features find their way in there, so it's not completely divorced. It's as if we just went down the street and told a different story." Certainly places from the movies will be seen, whilst the Emperor himself is mentioned.

What about an airdate? "The series probably won't go on until around 2010. It'll take this year just to get through all the scripts and then another year to get them all shot." He is committed to at least 100 one-hour episodes - "I'm going to 100 episodes no matter what" - and casting has not yet begun.

Finally he did confirm there'll be some freedom for the directors and actors - "I'm an executive producer now -- I don't do the day-to-day work. I check in once a week, maybe, and it'll be the same thing on the live-action show." Its been reported that the show is currently being shopped around to the networks with either HBO or Showtime currently being the hot favourites. Where it shows up in Canada, we probably wont know till 2010.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Posters

new posters of Forbidden Kingdom, Ice Age 3 and two posters from Nim's Island.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost Boys 2 - The Tribe DVD Trailer

For some reason MTV couldn't show this trailer to non-Americans, like me, but I can. Lost Boys 2 - The Tribe is the loooooong awaited sequel to the 1987 (yes it was that long ago) cult classic, Lost Boys.

The Tribe, takes place in Luna Bay, California. A surf town, not unlike Santa Carla, where Vampires dispose of anyone that crosses their path. New to town Chris and Nicole Emerson move in with their Aunt Jillian after their parents tragic death. Nicole falls for one of the local vampires and Chris must work with Edgar Frog to save her, before she is forever changed to a bloodsucker.

The movie was shot in Vancouver last year, and there were controversies over Corey Haim's involvement in the film and whether or not he would be allowed across the border.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Digital 3D

Last night I went to the local Silver City with a friend to see the new Jumper film, which was great, and I'll review it later. The really cool experience was when someone I know that works there asked if I wanted to see the new digital projector. I thought, new computerized technology, sure, be cool to see what this looks like.

We got up there and my friend introduced me to the two technicians that were in the process of installing it. One guy showed me the inside of the machine, with its cooling system and high wattage power supply, and how the films come on hard-drives that have uber-encryption. They talked about the Texas Interments (TI) DLP projector system, then asked if we wanted to see the 3D.

The projector has a lens that sticks out the front as you would expect, attached to it is a swing arm with a glass pane that polarizes the image. With that swung out, the technician handed my friend and I a pair of 3D glasses. I couldn't help notice these were the only two pairs of glasses around, and they were still sealed in their plastic wrapper. We were the first to see this new projectors 3D effect.

Amazing, it was just a 15 second trailer in computer graphics, looking through the projectionists glass, but when the logo popped out at the end, I swear it was halfway across the theatre. As the trailer looped, I raised and lowered my glasses to see the difference of the 3D, I took note of the fact that the film was completely watchable without the specs. One of the techs pointed out that if you put the glasses on upside-down the 3D effect is reversed, that is what pops up now goes in. This was a cool effect.

I know the first film that will be shown on this new projection system will be Disney's Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds, which I'm not so big on seeing, but Journey 3D, the new Brendan Fraser film I am now totally excited to see. Check the trailer and imagine the 3D effect.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Watchmen Images

Principal filming of the Vancouver shot Watchmen movie has finished and now the 365 day count begins, as today is the one year mark to the scheduled release of the film. So in celebration Warner Bros. have released the first official images of the characters from next springs blockbuster.

Click the images for a larger view of your favorite Watchmen character. If you haven't read Alan Moore's classic Mini-series Watchmen you can pick up a copy at Amazon.

The Owl - The Comedian - Ozymandias
Rorschach - Silk Spectre

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kei Kon 6 2008 Visual record

Everyone is looking for pictures and videos from Kei-Kon 6, so to help I'm posting various links to sites with photos and video, seeing as my computer is still being a pain and I wont be able to post all my images for a little bit yet.

By: Don McCaskill

Marmbo Day 1
Marmbo Day 2
Marmbo Day 3


Fighting Dreamers Productions: Namine's Revenge
Auron's Walk-On
Kei-Kon 2008
Fox & Box
Purple Rope

Registartion Line

Kei-Kon WTF series


Know of others that should be here? Leave a comment.

And here we present the Loading Ready Run video Graham and Paul so bravely shoot at KeiKon VI:

Father of RPG dies at 69

Gary Gygax, the creator of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Ever wonder why Gen Con was held there?

Gygax designed the original D&D game with partner, Dave Arneson in 1974, and went on to create the Dangerous Journeys and Legendary Adventure RPGs, as well as a number of board games. He also wrote several fantasy novels.

"I don't think I've really grokked it yet," said Mike Mearls, the lead developer of the upcoming 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. "He was like the cool uncle that every gamer had. He shaped an entire generation of gamers."

Gygax was not directly involved with Dungeons & Dragons after 1985, and his relationship with his former company, TSR Inc., was not friendly at first. The company sued him over his competing game Dangerous Journeys, and in a 2004 interview with GameSpy he stated that he was "pleased to say" that he thought the cost of the suit and settlement drove TSR to sell the rights to the game to WotC.

While reportedly unimpressed with the current edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game, he created adventures and settings that could be used with it, which were published by Troll Lord Games.

Gygax went well beyond the role of game developer and became an icon to gamers, appearing as himself in episodes of Futurama and Code Monkeys and participating in discussions on roleplaying-related message boards.

Gygax had been in poor health for some time, according to his wife Gail. Chenault says he will publish more information, including funeral arrangements, on the Troll Lord message board as it becomes available. Besides his wife Gygax is survived by six children.

Dragonball Delay

The 20th Century Fox live-action adaptation of Dragonball Z, the legendary Japanese animation series, has been delayed 8 months, from August 15th 2008 to April 3rd 2009.

It was a necessary move to allow more time to develop the anticipated heavy special effects. The move does put Fox in an unfortunate predicament - a rather quiet Summer 2008 line-up with only The X-Files 2 and The Happening.