Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dragonball Delay

The 20th Century Fox live-action adaptation of Dragonball Z, the legendary Japanese animation series, has been delayed 8 months, from August 15th 2008 to April 3rd 2009.

It was a necessary move to allow more time to develop the anticipated heavy special effects. The move does put Fox in an unfortunate predicament - a rather quiet Summer 2008 line-up with only The X-Files 2 and The Happening.


Memphis said...

All that it shows is that Fox knows very well this dragonball movie they are making will just SUCK, and is scared that competition from August movies like Star Wars coupled with an international boycott will make it flop totally, so they decided to take the easy and cowardy way out by delaying it.

Falcona said...

I would rather see a fanfilm, than Fox's take on it.