Saturday, January 14, 2006

Victoria's Film Commission disapearing?

Recent reports of the demise of the Victoria Film Commission office may be premature, but not far-fetched. The commission fills a valued service to the film and television industries that come to Victoria but their recent loss of the top man, Barry Dodd, struck a blow that will be followed by the end of their current lease in March. Currently the funding that helps run the commission comes from a number of sources including A-Channel, local government and local businesses like The Travelers Inn.

The commission is instrumental in helping productions cut through the red tape that exists in a city like Victoria that is composed of 13 municipalities. In 2005 the film industry conributed nearly $24 Million to the local economy. I’ll try to keep on this story for you as it develops.


Cheryl said...

I find it hard to believe that the commission will disappear all together, though I do expect it to mutate somewhat. The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce seemed interested in merging it into their world, for instance, and that would probably be appropriate.

Falcona said...

But they still need a commissioner, they still need a film office, even if it's within the Chamber of Commerce offices. I realy think this was a press buzz to get the public to push the Province for more funding.