Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

I know its Monday and most of the parties were over the weekend, but today is officialy Samhain or Halloween or All-Hallows-Eve. I'm working at the mall and planning to take my digital camera to get pictures of the kids costumes.
I want to know, what did you wear for Halloween this year?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Neil Gaiman adaptation

The Director that left the X-Men 3 set in a lurch is back in the news. Paramount is talking to Matthew Vaughn about adapting Neil Gaiman's Stardust, a fairytale for adults.

Gaiman's novel, first published in 1997 as "Stardust: Being a Romance Within the Realms of Faerie," is set in a town in the English countryside where the magical and mortal mix. The tale is focused on a young man who promises his beloved that he'll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm, where he has to contend with witches, goblins, gnomes, talking animals and evil trees.

Some are paralleling the potential film to other fantasy / comedies like Princess Bride and The Neverending Story.

Friday, October 21, 2005


It's been a while since I've seen any news on the two Underworld movies coming out next year, but I just got a look at the new trailer for Underworld: Evolution. Now I understand the Evolution name, but I haven't heard a title for the third film.
I know someone that worked on the weapons in the film and I can say there are some kick-ass looking pieces, and if you like armour, wait until you see Marcus'. From the little bits here and there that I've seen, it looks like Len Wiseman has directed an awsome sequel. I guess we'll all find out January 20th, when its released.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New X-Men 3 images

X-Men 3
Hollywood North Reports has revealed some new pictures from the outdoor set of X-Men 3. This is apparently the set being used to recreate Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. The big sceen taking place on this set is said to involve Angel, played by Ben Foster.
All the cast and crew are waiting for is a strech of sunny weather, did anyone tell them they were in Vancouver?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mile Zero - First Showing

Lets not forget that Mile Zero premieres tonight and tomorrow on Shaw Cable 11 in Victoria. As I understand it Shaw will be starting the show promptly at 7pm tonight and at 3pm tomorrow.

Mile Zero - Event II
Mile Zero - Event
What to wear?
Mile Zero - CastMile Zero - Moving Forward
News bits.
What's Going On?
What's Shooting in Victoria?
Is Victoria worthy?

X-Men 3 site

Fox has already opened the promotional site for X-Men 3, and while there isn't much on the site yet. This is the place to watch for trailers and images. You can sign-up for updates and be notified the momment new content is available.

The film is curently set to open in theaters across Canada and the USA on May 26, 2006.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Productions

Two MOWs (movie of the weeks) opened office this weekend.
Safe Harbour and Augusta Gone both have offices open here in town. Safe Harbour Productions
is at 758 Queens Ave. and BPI - Augusta Gone Productions is at 751 Discovery Street in the Victoria Film Productions office, both of these spaces are facilitated by Travellers Inn.
If you have experience on set you can contact:

"Augusta Gone"
BPI - Augusta Gone Productions
751 Discovery Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1H1

Phone: (250) 953-1005
Fax: (250) 953-1006

PM: Paul Rayman
PC: Miles Gorovich

Shoot Dates: Nov 2
- Nov 25th, 2005

"Safe Harbour"
Safe Harbour Productions
758 Queens Ave.
Victoria, BC V8T 1M3

Phone: (250) 380-6000
Fax: (250) 380-6001

PC: Sarah Harris
LP: Jaye Gazeley

Shoot Dates: October 31
- November 17th, 2005.

The Fog

Pictures recently surfaced on Dark Horizon of the upcoming Sony Pictures remake of John Carpenter's The Fog. The movie was shot in part in Cowichan this past spring. Spotlight Academy instructor Adrian Hough, plays the priest in the film that features Smallville’s Tom Welling, Selma Blair and Lost’s Maggie Grace.

The spirits of a shipwreck that took place a hundred years ago, exact their revenge on a small northern California town starting this Friday.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mile Zero - Event II

All right, so I've talked about the fashions at the gala event, what else was there? The evening started in the main lobby of the Empress Hotel, right under the sign, and about fifty early arrivers just sat waiting for some direction, we were expecting a red carpet out to the street, but I guess the rain prevented the hotel from doing that. Karen, Dai and Paul Wu started talking to the guests and then the stars arrived in their limo. The problem for me in trying to take pictures was that after having looked at a few dozen little pictures on the website, I still wasn’t sure who was and who wasn’t in the show. I even ended up talking to a fellow that looked familiar only to discover that he wasn’t in Mile Zero but that we had met a few years ago at the Victoria Film Festival.

Once the stars had arrived the Crystal Ballroom doors were opened, and everyone slowly filtered in, with no one checking tickets. The outer room of the Crystal Ballroom was in part advertising space for the sponsors and a long line-up formed for raffle tickets. I had to leave early so I never heard who won the raffle prizes, which included a guest staring role on an upcoming episode and a silver pin as only the cast and crew recieved.
After we all watched the two episodes, chocolate treats and friut to dip in the flowing fountain de chocolate we available in the small outer room and it was impossible to get near the table for the hordes of people, we finaly got fed up and went to leave when we discovered there was another set-up in the main lobby area of the hotel. The rest of the evening was spent mingling and talking with various cast members, and general guest.

***Note*** now that I've writen this review of the party I understand why it is that so much attention is given to the fashions that are being worn to an awards show or a movie premiere, the events are all the same for the most part, the biggest difference is in what the women are wearing, and who is with who, but it all becomes so tabliod. I wonder if Victoria will ever have its own tabliod magazine?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Mile Zero - Event

Last night's Mile Zero premiere was a huge success. Kaven and Dai Davies put on a fabulous event. The place was packed and everyone look fabulous, I'm not Steven Cojocaru and Victoriawood doesn't have a fashion critic on staff so I'm not going to give biting criticism or a worst dressed list. The men mostly wore tuxes, although there was some variation. I saw one naval uniform and there were a few kilts including Director Paul Wu. The women were magnificent in long shiny gowns and evening gloves, but some really needed to look to the younger generation for guidance on foot wear, mind you the girl in the flower print dress with converse shoes knew it didn’t work, that’s what she was going for. The one that really caught my eye was a young girl mixing a maroon strapless gown with a spiked collar and strapped gloves, I never got close enough to see what she had for shoes or who she was, but the Formal/Goth look defiantly worked for her.
The Empress Hotel did a fabulous job of just being itself; cause really if you want swank, where better in this city than the Inner Harbour's most photographed landmark? The weather could have been better, but this is the Wet Coast.
The Crystal Ballroom was all set-up theatre style so that the four hundred guests could watch both episodes, which seemed longer than half-an-hour each. The show brought laughs and applause throughout. I think audiences will be delighted next Saturday with the first on-air showing. The plotlines interchange perfectly and are full of colourful characters and scenery. The Marriott Hotel was a hotbed of action.

I really don’t want to spoil the story that was well crafted by Silk Chauncey and her crew, for you so I’ll wait to give you a full report after the Shaw premiere on Saturday October 15th.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What to wear?

Well the big premiere for Mile Zero is Thursday night and while I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out what I’m wearing to this Creative Black tie event, I finally have it all worked out. Thanks to my doctor I’ve been on a bit of a diet for the last two months and have lost a little better than ten pounds. Now I can fit into my Grandpa’s kilt, I’m told constantly that I look great in it. I have the jacket and coat and bow-tie and everything so, everything is a go. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to manage taking pictures for Attractions while wearing said kilt.

Are any of you going? What are you going to wear?

X-Men 3 Trailer

CanMag got a fabulous tip revealing the upcoming teaser for X-Men 3, and while CanMag is suggesting an October 19 release for the Trailer, I can’t find any movie that you could expect to see it attached to unless Doom got moved back a couple of days.

Warning this is a **SPOILER** Skip this post if you want to be surprised.

Black Screen:

Scene of Cyclops talking as the Professor lays to his left on a straight glass like table.

Cyclops: "The Professor has slipped into a deep coma. A virus of some sort has overtaken his body."

Screen flashes black:

A scene of Storm talking to Kitty Pride. Kitty Pride has her hands on her face crying.

Storm: "Sometimes the decisions we make are the hardest ones to understand, when they cause us pain."

Screen flashes black again:

Scene of Wolverine running through a forest at night. Looking behind him, he leaps towards the camera and grunts

Screen goes black again:

Music begins as a slow background drum with a low base trombone

Scene of the X men (Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Kitty Pride, Wolverine, Storm and Iceman) that is viewed from a hovered camera. A flash of orange light hits them and the screen goes black again

Scene of Pyro and Iceman standing in a cave like structure glaring at each other: (The background glows a yellowish tint)

Pyro: "Bobby didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with fire?" (Igniting fire in his hand that lights the cave)

Iceman: "No John, my mother told YOU never to play with fire." (Hovers an ice ball in his hand)

Screen goes black again

Scene of Cyclops again, this time talking to an off screen character in the X Mansion

Cyclops: "The last thing I need is you here."

Off-screen character: "The first thing you need here, is to remember who you are talking to."

Screen black again:

Scene of Colossus jumping in front of Kitty Pride to save her. A punch sends him across the screen

Kitty Pride Yells, Rouge screams for Iceman

Black Screen
A Scene with Magneto speaking

Magneto: "You can not be that foolish to think you can control your powers." He begins to hurl objects off the screen

Black Screen:

Scene of Jean Grey falling to the ground through a tall building, like a wounded bird, head-first

Black Screen:

Shot of Cyclops standing over a recently dug grave. The day is dreary and grey. He has tears in his eyes

Cyclops: "I never wanted this for us. Please believe me when I say that. I will miss you."

Black Screen

Close up Shot of Beast

Beast: "If we fail, we fail all of mutant kind as well."

Black Screen
Wide Shot

Juggernaut leaping over a ravine, viewed from a side wide out shot

Fade to Black

Professor X’s Voice: "Friends sometimes die. Enemies are reborn."

Black screen

Screen shows a large X with Wolverine’s claws running across it to make a three indent.

How is that for a X3 teaser trailer! Hope you enjoyed it and let us know your thoughts.
X-Men 3 comes to theatres on May 26th, 2006.

Monday, October 03, 2005


The gang over at the Victoria chapter of the Star Wars form have organized a new convetion for Victoria. RimCom, I don't realy know the basis for this name but I'm sure Karl and John can come up with a few ideas. They claim they'll have a site up soon but you can inquire about tickets through:
RimCon Victoria
PO Box 32108
Victoria BC V8P 4N0
or by contacting
look for this website soon

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Attractions October Article

I met with producer Karen Davies, of Cedarwood Productions, recently, and we sat and talked about the Mile Zero TV series she and her husband Dai (Welsh form of David) are producing. They're both 22-year veterans of the BBC and moved to Vancouver Island just three years ago. Karen quickly noticed that there were no soap operas; in England there are about eleven soaps, each set in the shooting locale, all in a country the size of Vancouver Island. This is what they want to do with Mile Zero, a soap shot, set, and about, Victoria and its people.

Karen and David found 68 other people to share the dream with them, and managed to shoot two half-hour pilot episodes. The crew side of the camera ranges from people with little experience to a former wardrobe mistress of Twentieth Century Fox; in front of the camera is similar, but as a team they have a hope and passion for what they are doing.

This project not only highlights the actors and crew of the production but also features other artistic talents. Any time an office scene is shot, instead of decorating with generic posters, local artists works will be on the walls and then the piece and the artist will be featured on the Mile Zero website. Local musicians will also receive exposure when the credits roll; each episode will highlight a different band or singer as the credits roll at the end.

Last minute editing is wrapping up as I write this, with a completion date of October 1st set and Karen is ready to take the finished tapes to KVOS and Shaw Vancouver for their consideration. Shaw, has committed to airing episode one on the community channel 11, on October 15th at 7pm and again on the 16th at 3pm. Episode two will air the next week Saturday October 22nd 7pm and repeat on the 23rd at 3pm and the audience will determine the continued fate of the series. Be sure tell your family, friends and even enemies to watch so that Victoria can have a regular series shooting here, and hopefully that will bring more film production to the area.

Before all of this happens The Fairmont Empress Hotel is sponsoring a Gala Premiere Event in their luxurious Crystal Ballroom on the evening of October 6th. The pilot will be viewed and everyone will get a chance to mingle with the stars and crew as The Empress hosts this occasion complete with Red Carpet arrival of the stars at 6:45pm, including Miss Canada and Miss Canada runner-up, and media and fans are invited to greet them along the carpet. If you want to attend this debut experience tickets are $25 and available through There will be deserts and chocolate fountains as well as a no-host bar. Just remember that this is a Black Tie event and dress code is in effect. There will also be a Silent Auction with great prizes.

Barry Dodd of the Victoria Film Commission said that he feels that what Karen and David and their crew are doing is terrific and that he would love to see an indigenous industry here on Vancouver Island and especially in Victoria. This is exactly what Cedarwood Productions is hoping for; work close to home for islanders so they don’t have to move south to LA or east to Vancouver or Toronto to get work.


The Victoria Film Commission is also busy preparing for the arrival of two more productions here in Victoria. Vancouver’s Front Street Productions, makers of The Deal and We Don’t Live Here Anymore, are getting ready to lens Safe Harbour a movie of the week, for an as yet undisclosed network. The other production is not yet ready to discuss their project, but I can say that it’s by the same group that brought The Engagement Ring and Patricia Heaton to town early this summer.

Nanaimo’s Cameron Bright was at the recent Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of Thank You For Smoking, about a boy who idolizes his father, a cigarette spokesman. The night before the first showing, CTV aired an interview that they did with the twelve-year-old actor on the E-Talk daily program, which covered Cameron’s acting work as well as his love of soccer and paintball.

A recent talk with one of the producers of X-Men 3, now shooting in Vancouver, revealed that the character Gambit will not appear, but he may be in the next film. The assumption has been that this is the last X-Men film but this statement may reveal plans or at least a willingness to continue making X-Men films.

The flannelled one (aka George Lucas) has put a call out for screenwriters for the planned upcoming Star Wars television series. Any writer who accepts a position will have to work at the Skywalker Ranch in California and of course, as is the way with all employees of the Star Wars Universe, they’ll have to sign a confidentiality clause. The series is set to run for 50 Hours, but how this is going to be divided up is hard to say. My guess is that we’ll see three seasons of sixteen one-hour episodes with two extra hours thrown in. The series is supposed to follow the Imperial Bounty Hunters with a few extra side stories. The series will take place in the time between Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith and Episode Four with Luke Skywalker. The majority of filming is set to take place in Australia.