Monday, August 29, 2005


Sorry I haven't posted much lateley, I'm in the middle of a move. I should be back and as normal come September 3. Sorry If I miss any breaking news.

Don McCaskill

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Filmmaking opertunity

CineVic and the Inter-Cultural Association are looking for artists to participate in a new program called Voice It: Immigrant and Visible Minority Artists and Youth Using Film to Express their Anti-racism Experiences.

Victoria—Voice It is a joint project between CineVic: Society of Independent Filmmakers and the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) designed to give Victoria’s immigrant and visible minority artists and youth a way to creatively express anti-racism ideas and experiences using film and media arts.

Alvaro Moreno, Multicultural Programmer of the ICA says, “We are very excited about this program, as giving immigrant artists, multicultural communities and youth a voice through filmmaking as an innovative tool will certainly have great long term benefits…”

Bryan Skinner, Executive Director of CineVic adds,”CineVic is pleased to be working with ICA on a project that creates opportunities for voices which often go unheard.”

Through Voice It, four projects will be commissioned and developed with the artists. The artists will receive a $2,000 honorarium for their production in addition to mentoring, workshops, training, and access to film-making equipment.

Beginning in February 2006, these films will be screened in conjunction with several community forums facilitated by the ICA with the goal of creating critical dialogue around anti-racism experiences in our communities. To further this effort, ICA will also be producing educational DVDs to distribute around schools in Canada.

Kemi Craig, the Community Liaison for CineVic notes, “It is thrilling to be a part of a project which will reach multi-cultural and multi-generational audiences with such important stories.”

How do you apply?

Artists must be self-identified visible minorities, immigrants, refugees, newcomers, or First Nations. Artists from disciplines other than film and video are also encouraged to apply.

Please submit:

  • a 2-4 page concept paper with a description of your subject matter, idea, or story.
  • a brief résumé of artistic experience.
  • There is no entry fee. Completed applications and supporting material must be received no later than Sept 14, 2005.

Selected artists will be invited to an interview to discuss the details of your idea before the final selection is made.

Additional Project Details

  • Proposals should be for a film/video project that is less than 20 minutes in total.
  • Production of videos will start in late October 2005 and must be finished by February 10, 2006.
  • Projects must integrate roles for youth (under 30) either on or off camera.
  • Starting in February of 2006, screenings and discussions of the three final projects will begin.
  • Each artist will receive $2,000 to cover all costs from initial research to the completed production. We will help selected artists create a budget.
  • Projects will be shown to audiences of all ages. Though you will retain copyright on created works, we do require that the produced work be licensed to allow the ICA to distribute 50 DVDs to Canadian classrooms.

Send proposals by electronic or air mail to:



2022 Douglas Street

Victoria, B.C.

V8T 4L1

Applications must be received by September 14, 2005.

Casting for Wolverine

Casting rumors for Wolverine have begun. Seems that the Austrailian version of Dancing with the Stars was won by a rather hunky Tom Williams, and he's drawn some attention from his success. He's currently hosting the Auzie version of The Mole and has been in contact with X-men's Hugh Jackman about them working together. Seems Williams was rather impresive on the dance floor, and Jackman wants him in his Wolverine movie that he's Producing and Starring in after X3. I'm not sure if I could picture Wolverine doing a foxtrot, of any kind.

Monday, August 22, 2005

More X-men Cast

Dark Horizons reports that a few of the cast from X2 are returning to X3. Conner Widows (Jones) Luke Pohl (X-Kid), and Shauna Kain (Siryn) have joined the cast all reprising their respective roles in the movie. Bryce Hodgson is reprising his role as Artie, which makes sense, as Artie is best friends with Leech, who will be played by Nanaimo's Cameron Bright. The young actors are currently shooting in Victoria, at the Royal Roads University. There is curently no word weather Kea Wong will be back as Jubilee.

Bruce Davison's reps say we shouldn't expect to see Senator Kelly back. Vinnie Jones has already been in Vancouver for a costume fitting but he won't return until September to start filming his role as Juggernaut.

Leaving a few casting questions. Will we see Gambit? If there are a bunch of Morlocks in the film, who's playing Calisto? What will Magneto's role be if we are dealing with Morlocks, Dark Pheonix and Jugernaught, not to mention the rumored Sentinal story-line.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Pixar animator dies

Pixar animator and writer Joe Ranft was one if two people killed in a car accident outside of Los Angeles.
Ranft died Tuesday when the car he was a passenger in plunged 130 feet off Highway 1 into the ocean, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday. The driver was also killed and another passenger was injured. Ranft, 45, was nominated for an Academy Award for writing Toy Story and was the voice of Heimlich the Bavarian caterpillar in A Bug's Life.

"Joe was the undisputed storyboard master at Pixar: His boards were just inspiring, Monsters, Inc." director Pete Docter told the LA Times. "On Toy Story, his boards for the 'army man' sequence, which went into film pretty much unchanged, became the model we aspired to on the film."

Before moving to Pixar, Ranft worked on, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Fantasia 2000. He was executive producer of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, due this fall. I'm sure there will be a memorial credit to him on Cars.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Even more X-cast

Donnie Darker reports that, Oscar nominated actress Shohreh Aghdashloo joins the cast as Dr. Kavita Rao, a character created by Joss Whedon in his Astonishing X-Men series. Rao is a geneticist who creates a serum called Hope, which "cures" mutants and turns them into regular Joes, or Logans as the case may be. In the comics, this ruffled some feathers within the X-Men, specifically with Beast, a character we already know to be featured in X3.

I’ve also heard from a few sources that no one is seeing the script for X-Men 3. Brett Ratner and the writers are keeping this thing so top secret that the actors are being fed the lines only as they need them on stage. If this is the case they could have some issues with younger and less experienced performers. Personally I think it’s a bad way to make a film.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The FogThought you might want to take a look at some the the recent trailers for good films coming out.

- shot on the island
- Family Comedy
- bases on the ID game
- new edit fromPixar
- New series of films
- Skrat is back
- from Terry Gilliam.
Serenity - the Firefly movie by Joss Whedon.
Hi-res Med-res Low-res

Chicken Little
Hi-res Med-res Low-res

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Recent X-casting

It has been confirmed that actor Bill Duke has joined the cast of . One source claims that Duke had been cast as the scientist who created the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots but other sources indicate that Duke actually portrays a politician in The President's cabinet.

Duke's other acting credits include , which was directed by X3's Brett Ratner. Duke has directed such films as , and way back when, he was in Victoria as an actor in .

Olivia WilliamsSome other additions to the X3 cast. In the role of Warren Worthington, Sr., father of Angel Ben Foster, is Michael Murphy, you might remember him as the mayor of Gotham City in 1992's .

Finally, British actress Olivia Williams has been cast as Dr. Moira MacTaggert. The Marvel Database reminds us that, in the comics, the Nobel Prize-winning Moira was a former lover of Professor X's who ran a mutant research center on Muir Island in her native Scotland. Williams' credits include , as Bruce Willis' wife.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Storm talks X-Men 3 and Director talks Dungeon Siege

Halle Berry
Annanova claims X-Men 3 to be more exciting for Halle Berry. Halle Berry has been promised that her character will have a more exciting role in .Berry complained that Storm did nothing more than drive the plane in the first two films.

But co-writer Zak Penn says she won't be disappointed after signing up for the third movie. "As one of the writers of the last film, I'd say it's true she ended up with mostly exposition and plane-flying," Penn says. "There was a whole sequence at the beginning of the last film that showed the origins of her character in Africa, and it got cut simply because there are 14 characters to service. "But has a couple of big twists, and Storm is right in the centre of them. The fact that Halle is a very good actress who was underused compounds the wish for her to have a better role."

In an interview before she signed up for , Berry said, "Storm is a formidable fighter in the comic books; she has a cape and can fly. I've never flown anywhere in two movies except behind the wheel of that plane. "I'd hate to not be part of the final film, but I won't spend five months standing around, even though we all stand to get paid a lot of money this time."


Director Dr Uwe Boll was recently interviewed by for , the interview is choppy and rough so I'll try my best to give you a sysnosis.

As to what we'll see in the film, there will be rough brutal battles combined with martial arts action and in contrast there will be a few love making scenes. When asked about costumes for the film the Director commented that Ray Liotta would be wearing dark leather and that Kristana Loken and Leelee Sobieski are warriors, when asked if we would see any hot women in metal underwear. Check out the choppy interview for yourself.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Spotlight News pt3

stephanie watkins
Many of Spotlight’s Talent have been busy this summer, mostly with commercials. Sharron Bertchilde played a grandmother in a Mattel spot, and Stephanie Watkins got a principal role in a Burger King commercial. Amy Mc Cartie just wrapped "Project Sun" for Sun Microsystems, while Don Dunbar was called back for another Sizzler ad. Little Emma Campbell got work on a Fisher Price commercial, and Jackson Warris shot a spot for Ore Ida French Fries, a company known for its Tater Tots and owned by Heinz. Don Willson enjoys being a senior on Vancouver Island, the lifestyle seems to suit him, as his credits demonstrate; he has been cast for Centrum Silver again, due to his ever-fit look.

kristina ruddickFor the first time Spotlight Talent has booked an advertising campaign that covers television, print and Internet. The promotion is for Ivanhoe Cambridge’s Woodgrove Centre at Nanaimo’s north end. Suburbia Advertising hired Don Willson, Taylor Brown, The Wood Family, Stephanie Watkins, Bianca Jade, Emma Campbell, Kia Vosper, Levi Alexandre, Megan Champoux, Donna Hawthornthwaite and the members of her five to seven year old tee-ball team.

Spotlight also got Kristina Ruddick on the cover of an upcoming book, and Sharron Bertchilde booked a print job with Oceanside Village Resort in Parksville.

For further information, please call Jacqui Kaese at: 1-877-233-2555 or email:

Friday, August 12, 2005

Spotlight News pt2

With personal congratulations Jacqui Kaese recognizes some of Spotlight Academy’s previous students who have gone far beyond their Vancouver Island roots. Justin Chatwin played a lead in Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise’s War of the Worlds. Twenty-Two year old Chatwin played Datkota Fanning’s older brother Robbie. Other former students include Sophie Hough and Erika Shaye Gair, in The Wicker Man, Blake Woodruff in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Quinn Lord in The L Word. Hough also landed a large principal role in the TV series Intelligence. Twelve-year-old Cameron Bright of Nanaimo, just finished filming a guest staring role on two episodes of Stargate SG-1 and is cast in the role of Leech in X-Men 3, shooting in Vancouver and Victoria. Shaun Sipos just wrapped production of The Comeback Season in Alberta with Ray Liotta, who is now appearing in Dungeon Siege.

Spotlight Academy an individual journey for actors from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland, call Jacqui Kaese at: 1-877-233-2555 or email:

Spotlight News pt1

Summer has been hectic for Nanaimo’s Spotlight Academy as the instructors themselves have been busy. Adrian Hough obtained a role on Revolution Studios’ remake of John Carpenter’s The Fog, which was partially shot in Cowichan Bay. Hough played the priest, Father Bobby Malone, played by Hal Holbrook in the 1980 version, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh. Hough has also secured a recurring role in the Winnipeg shot Falcon Beach for ABC and Global.

Jacqui Kaese spent a couple of months on the mainland working on the set of Whisper by Gold Circle Films, makers of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and more recently, Slither, a sci-fi feature in which Bart Anderson had a major role. Kaese’s role on set was to coach two child actors, Arizona’s Blake Woodruff and Vancouver’s Erika Shaye Gair for their roles in the film. Woodruff plays the kidnapped child who may be less innocent than he seems. During production Scott Bernstein, Universal’s Vice President of Production, complimented Kaese on her work.

Just recently Kaese has been booked again to coach Colin Ford on Brightlight Pictures’ computer-game based Dungeon Siege. Work starts next Monday (August 15th) at the medieval village Dungeon Siege has built in Beecher Bay between Sooke and Metchosin, and it is a $60 Million Production starring Matthew Lillard (Hackers, Scooby-Doo) and John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones).

With Kaese and the rest of the instructors busy, Maria Darling, a top agent from London England, is using her wealth of experience to do an excellent job of running the office.

Spotlight Academy an individual journey for actors from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland, call Jacqui Kaese at: 1-877-233-2555 or email:

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bright Talk

In trying to get some more information about 's role in film. I managed to contact Cameron's mom, Anne Bright. She was able to confirm that Cameron is playing Leech, a member of the Morlocks. Due to the secrecy of the script she was unable to give me and details of the role.

She did say, "we are thrilled about this part...duh.. but the plot is secret so we dont even know what he will be doing, just that he is going to be bald. He is looking forward to it."

She also told me that they, Her and Cameron, will be in Toronto for the film festival in September. Cameron has to start school September 6, then cut class at the end of the week for the festival, and the premiere of , which also stars , , and among others. Cameron plays the son of Big Tabaco's chief spokesperson in the satire.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Morlock roles in X-Men 3

Cameron Bright jacqui kaeseAn unconfirmed report that Nanaimo's Cameron Bright is set to appear in this summers film. Cameron recently did a two part episode on Sci-fi Channel's and is best known for his work with Nichole Kidman in and Robert De Niro in . Twelve year-old Cameron Bright is originally from Victoria and still has family here. I'll be talking to his acting coach, 's , in the next few days so hopefully I'll have some more news.

Cameron's role is apparently a pivotal one as the character Leech, a member of the outcast sewer dwelling Morlocks. As I've heard Leeches power is important to the events of the film. : Leech is a living "power dampener" who causes the cessation of power in other living beings with superhuman abilities, mutant or otherwise. The superhuman powers of such beings cease to function within a certain radius of Leech's whereabouts. Leech has made great strides in controlling this ability and may condense his dampener field within inches of his body with great concentration. The furthest Leech has been able to project this field was up to a radius of 30 feet. It is generally assumed, however, that Leech's control over his power will increase with age.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

What's going on

Thought I'd just give a little update on what I'm following here in Victioria.

X-Men 3 and The Engagement Ring are both due to start filming on Monday, August 8th. Dungeon Siege is building a medieval vilage in Beecher Bay near East Sooke and Mechosin.
Mile Zero, the soap opera, is filming around the city and I am working on gettin more info, If anyone knows anything on this project, please leave a comment.
Go RVing is shooting a comercial in town and Mens Health magazine is doing a photo shoot.

I'm curently reading through Victoria Film School's Barry Casson's book on Visual Selling. looks at the principals of selling yourproducts through visual presentaions. I'll post a review of the book here on Victoriawood Reports.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


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Monday, August 01, 2005

Attractions August Article

X-Men 3 begins filming here in Victoria during the month of August. Filming started in San Francisco in late July, but not for the feature, for the Trailer. Production crews won’t confirm which stars will and won’t be in town. Certainly not all of the cast will be in town as the shooting is for the exterior scenes of the X-Mansion, also known as Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

The cast consists of returning stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry and Ian McKellen. Kelsey Grammer has signed on to play the blue and furry Beast, Ben Foster will play Angel and Vinnie Jones has joined the cast as Xavier’s half brother, Juggernaught. Also just announced, as a new cast member is 15 year-old Canadian Ellen Page, stepping into the role of Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat. Tons of Victorians will be on set at Royal Roads’ Hatley Castle, as they will play extras, students of Professor Xavier’s school.

Also shooting in Victoria, The Engagement Ring, the story of a couple that meet and fall in love but are hampered by family members who are still fuming over an old engagement ring. So far the only person cast for the made for television film is Everyone Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton. The story is set to take place in the Napa Valley, California’s wine country. Vancouver Island’s own wine country of the Cowichan valley maybe standing in for Napa or it may be a winery in Nanaimo where Producers were scouting in late July.

Patricia Heaton is also set to appear in a TV miniseries based on the events of 9/11. She’ll play the US ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine.

Other areas of the island are being looked at for production potential, as Brightlight Productions, no stranger to Vancouver Island, constructs a medieval village in Beecher Bay for their $60Million Dungeon Siege motion picture starring Matthew Lillard and John Rhys-Davies (I wonder if he's playing the Dwarf?). Vancouver based Brightlight shot six MOWs (Movie of the Week) last year for CHUM. The film, based on a 2002 PC game-series, follows Farmer, played by The Transporter’s Jason Statham, as he sets out to rescue his kidnapped wife and avenge the death of his son at the hands of Ray Lolita’s character, Gillian. The script came out of the collective minds of Doug Taylor, David S. Freeman, and Glenn Benest.

Casting director Carmen Amos of Nanaimo put out an open call for Indo-Canadian male and females between 35-45 with no experience necessary. Any Island based actor who fits the bill and can speak some Hindi and/or Punjabi can call Carmen Amos at 250 716 0503 for an audition.

September is just around the corner and the networks are putting the finishing touches on their new shows. Last month I talked about UPN and FOX, now let’s take a look at what the big boys at what ABC has for our viewing pleasure.

ABC serves up three new dramas and two new comedies. On the top of the list is a political drama set to play out on Tuesday nights. Commander-In-Chief tells the as yet fictional story of America’s first female President, played by Academy Award-winner Geena Davis. The series starts with her as Vice-President to a President about to undergo an operation for a brain tumor. When it isn’t successful, she’s asked to step aside by a sexist Speaker of the House, Donald Sutherland, who is apparently more sympathetic to the party’s desires. She’ll have plenty of obstacles in her way and the show will undoubtedly show a side of the White House not seen in the West Wing.

The Invasion comes late Wednesday nights. What if aliens already walked among us, instead of flying through space? What if our apparently natural disasters were part of their plans, a cover to their real activities? When yet another devastating hurricane threatens Florida, temporarily cutting off a small town at the edge of the Everglades, U.S. Park Ranger Russell Poole takes heroic measures to keep both the town's citizens and his family safe. In the middle of the violent storm, his young daughter is the only one to see small lights floating towards the water, seemingly unaffected by the vicious winds. At the time he thinks nothing of her claim, but begins to suspect that something may indeed be amiss when his missing ex-wife is found naked, with no memory of what happened during the storm. When he starts to explore the strange incidents he begins a fight for survival of the human race.