Monday, October 03, 2005


The gang over at the Victoria chapter of the Star Wars form have organized a new convetion for Victoria. RimCom, I don't realy know the basis for this name but I'm sure Karl and John can come up with a few ideas. They claim they'll have a site up soon but you can inquire about tickets through:
RimCon Victoria
PO Box 32108
Victoria BC V8P 4N0
or by contacting
look for this website soon


Karl Johanson said...

Hmmm...'Rim" in Rimcon, could refers to the 'Pacific Rim', or maybe 'Rimmer' from Red Dwarf, or 'the edge of the galaxy' ala Babylon 5.

Wasn't sure, as their websites wouldn't load whan I looked. Hopefully a temp problem.

John said...

I don't know... sounds like a lavoratory disinfectant. :)

Karl Johanson said...

Looks like their web site is up with some info, but it's at rather than dot com.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your "Votes of Confidence". RimCon does indeed refer to the Pacific Rim. Also, we are not selling TICKETS. We are a serious SF Conventioning group who are selling memberships.

Request this site's web master PLEASE darken the font. It's extremely difficult to read the information you've provided.

Falcona said...

Hopefully the colours are a little better now, please continue to let me know of anything that needs tweeking. And please use the 'other' for posting your id in the comments section. I may even grant you posting access.

Ted said...

There was a great display by the 501st Legion at the Victoria Xmas Parade. Stormtroopers handing out flyers for the Con. Way cool!

Also shows they have some smarts as the Con is not until next September and to have such a large presence in the parade shows some good ideas and planning happening.