Tuesday, September 06, 2005


What is the purpose of this Blog?

To facilitate to union of SF/F fans in Victoria and Vancouver Island or even across Canada and the states, if you want to join in. Act as a place to meet, talk, and exchange ideas and love of all things science fiction and fantasy. This is your community, the only way to make it stronger is to build ties with others, The Star Wars Fan Force, and the Trekkers, the SCA and the Camarilla all need to know what each other is doing, for there to be a harmonious society.

As I make contact with clubs I'll give certain members posting access to the blog, everyone else has access to make comments. After awhile I shouldn’t need to do anything, the blog will simply run its self. That’s my plan anyways.

Who am I?
Don McCaskill, a member of Victoria’s science fiction community since 1979.

Why are you doing this?
I’ve started online communities like this in the past, but my press trip to Tillicum's Silver City for the premiere of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith reveled that the group was in pieces with four separate Star Wars clubs, that were not coordinated with each other.

Were will this all happen?
Right here, just bookmark the page and keep coming back.

When will it start?
As soon as you make your first comment

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Drhaggis said...

Great idea! I'm trying to do a similar thing in Calgary. We are at www.calgaryfanforce.com