Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Neo-Opsis Issue 7

Victoria SF Zine: Issue 7 of Neo-Opsis has been published!

Letters to the Magazine
this issue are from: J. P. Polmateer, Vaughan Stanger (Author of Survival Strategies, issue 6), Yvonne Pronovost (Archeologist and author of All the Tea in China, issue 6), Roger Dunn, Frank C Gunderloy, Jr. (Author of The Silver Connection issue 6), Paul Carpentier.

This issue, Karl Johanson’s A Walk Through The Periodic Chart deals with
Argon. With the article is a related cartoon by Karen Lightbody (formerly Kazanowski).

The first story in issue six is The Mask and the Maze, by K. Bannerman. (13,330 words – Novelette) K. Bannerman has had fiction appear in Room Of One's Own, Parabola magazine, Lichen Literary Journal and Premonitions Magazine, and Double Dragon Publishing published K. Bannerman’s novel The Tattooed Wolf in 2004. (Illustration by Stephanie Ann Johanson.

The second story is Thirty-Three, by Tom Brennan. (3,969 words – Short Story) Tom is 39 and he lives in Liverpool, UK with wife Sylvia and many cats. A former winner in the Writers of the Future contest (XVIII), he has two novels out at the moment: The Debt and One True Prince. He enjoys a wide variety of fiction, including SF, Fantasy and Mystery/Thriller; he’s currently working on Doktor Glass, an alt.history Victorian Fantasy.

The third story is The Rain Queen, by Barbara Davies. (3,683 words – Short Story) Barbara lives in the English Cotswolds. Her fiction has appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, The Eternal Night, Fables, and Kimota (her story won their Best Story Award for 1999), and e-anthologies Ideomancer Unbound and Crossings, among others. She reviews fantasy fiction for Starburst. (Illustration by Stephanie Ann Johanson)

The forth story is Dead People’s Stuff, by Diane Arrelle. (3,434 words – Short Story) Diane has sold more than 60 short stories to magazines and anthologies including Barnes and Nobel Crafty Cat Crimes, Oui, Terminal Fright, Pirate Writings, Blue Murder and Be Mine. (Illustration by Stephanie Ann Johanson)

The fifth story is Like Minds, by Mike McHone. (805 words – Short Story) Mike is a writer/journalist living in southeastern Michigan. His work has appeared in small and mainstream presses such as Blood Moon Rising and American Zoetrope. He is currently a music reviewer for Clamor Magazine and a columnist for the Detroit music magazine The Record.

this issue includes: Author readings, the 2005 Nebula Award winners, the 2005 Aurora Award winners, the 2005 Hugo Award winners, the 2005 Sunburst Award nominees.

Reviews includes: Professor Robert Runté gives his review of the book Rocket Science by Jay Lake; John W. Herbert reviews The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, Touchstone Pictures 2005; Stephanie Ann Johanson reviews the novels Dragon’s Kin by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey, Dragonsblood by Todd McCaffrey, and The Courtesan Prince by Lynda Williams; Paula Johanson reviews the novel Ice Tomb by Deborah Jackson.

In Science News there is New Moon Makes Waves, with accompanying Cartoon by Karen Lightbody (formerly Kazanowski)

Karl Johanson talks about Westercon 58 in The Last Two Pages, accompanied by photos taken during the convention.


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Please amend the information on RimCon Victoria. The Convention sells memberships, not tickets (a common mistake for people unfamiliar with SF Conventions. Also the date should read 22-24 Sept 2005 at the Holiday Inn Victoria. Remove Cary Conder's information from the blog. Her website is not to be used in conjunction with the Convention. Thank you.